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Founded 1794
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     The Society was founded on 11th April 1794 by 11 medical gentlemen who resolved to hold meetings on the Friday nearest to every full moon, in one another’s homes by turn, to promote:

“Friendly intercourse and good feeling amongst its Members and to diffuse useful information by the circulation of books on Medicine and the Science connected with it.”

There are, in the United Kingdom, only six similar Societies instituted earlier than the PMS, and only one provincial medical society is older.
We now hold two meetings a month between September and April, usually in the Postgraduate Medical Centre at Derriford Hospital, with an optional Dinner following.

The Society’s extensive collection of historic medical books has been conserved with the aid of a grant from the National Lottery and  is accessible in the Discovery Library at Derriford Hospital
2017 - 2018 Season

President Mr Robert Jeffery
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