Plymouth Medical Society

Founded 1794
Previous Winners of the Richard Dunning Cup

2009    Ryan Butel and Matthew Izett

2010 Henry Murphy and Charlotte Clifford

2011 Thomas Davies and Shanka-deep Raha

2012  Jessica Langtree and Holly Puckett

2013  Daniel Olaiya and Tobias Auburn

The Medical Student Debate for the Richard Dunning Cup 2015

The motion before the house was:

“The Four Hour A&E Target Endangers Both Patients and the NHS”

His Honour Judge William Taylor presiding

For the Motion:   Proposer Felix May;  Seconder Rohan Kandasamy.

Against the Motion:  Proposer  Jacob King,  Seconder Deniz  Kaya

At the outset the audience  voted  2/3 agreeing with the motion, 1/3 disagreeing.

The final vote was exactly equal; signifying not a draw, for opinion had been shifted toward disagreement, and so a victory for Jacob and Deniz, to whom the Richard Dunning Cup was awarded.
The Panel.
Left to Right: Rohan Kandasamy, Felix May,
His Honour Judge William Taylor
Jacob King, Deniz Kaya

Rohan Kandasamy and Felix May

Jacob King  and  Deniz Kaya

His Honour Judge William Taylor

The Result

The Presentation of the Richard Dunning Cup
A moment of doubt before success?